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‘Murderous Mutton is a co-op game for 4 players. 

3 players play as aggressive sheep, trying to murder guests that are visiting the farm. 
Within a limited amount of time, you and your friends have to dispose as many bodies as possible, whether it be by dumping them off a cliff/in a pond, stack them in hay bales or feed them to pigs. 
Best case: without anybody noticing. 
One player controls the farmer and attempts to stop the sheep from murdering the tourists. 

The Farmer scores points for each tourist that leaves the farm safely  after their visit. If the farmer scores higher then the sheep, he wins! 

Controls:Join Game (4 players needed) - A (X Box Controller) / X (PlayStation Controller)

Move - Left Control Stick

Bite/ Open Doors/ Carry Sheep/ Drag and Drop Bodies - A (X Box Controller) / X (PlayStation Controller)

Dash - R1 (Right Bumper)

Pause Game - ESCAPE

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